Is Open RAN the perfect match for 5G Private Networks?

  • My friend: Hi Ibrahim, I have a question for you.

    • Me: Please, go ahead.
  • My friend: I was wondering if the Open RAN architecture can be used in 5G private networks or not?

    • Me: Yes, it can be used. Let me say that Open RAN vendors have big opportunity with 5G private networks at the near future regardless of their implementation of 5G public networks which is expected on the long-term future. Even, some Open RAN vendors can create their own ecosystem in the world of private networks.
  • My friend: But why Open RAN can be a good match with 5G private networks?

    • Me: Simply, 5G private networks are much smaller, less complex and have less services running over them compared with public 5G networks. For example, private networks need only 1 or 2 frequencies to run, unlike the public networks which needs around 5 frequencies from different bands, also massive MIMO is usually not used in private networks unless for a very large campus or private venue while massive MIMO is used heavily with almost all public 5G networks. So, the current Open RAN performance can match the private networks requirements easily.
  • My friend: So, what can Open RAN add on top for 5G Private Networks?

    • Me: Open RAN can configure the system to better meet the enterprise requirements by using AI, ML, and automation which exist from day one in the Open RAN architecture unlike the legacy RAN solutions as 3GPP just included AI and ML starting from Rel.18 only. Also, Open RAN can help to reduce the cost of private networks because enterprises will be able to mix and match network elements from different vendors and so, vendors will need to compete on prices.
  • My friend: Thank you so much. You made it very clear.

    • Me: You are most welcome.

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