Is it worth to move from WhatsApp to Telegram?

Hello dears.

With new WhatsApp privacy rules, is it worth for us to move from WhatsApp to Telegram?


Some people are already moving to Signal…

Yes @leopedrini, this might be a good idea.
Moving the Experts Whatsapp Group to Signal.

But WhatsApp provides limit of 256, where Signal has 150 limit.

I don’t think Whatsapp create any issue, all ongoing media hype only!

Yup I think same. Elon Musk might have stake in signal. :stuck_out_tongue:

By using WhatsApp you may be sharing with it your contacts list, location, financial information and usage data, as well as your phone’s unique identifier, among other types of so-called metadata.
These may be linked to your identity, according to WhatsApp on its listing in Apple Inc.’s App Store, and it’s this data the privacy policy stipulates must now be agreed can be shared with Facebook.

Ok, as of now moving toward Signal considered to be safe as shown in media.
I saw one of post on LinkedIn one of user promoting Viber as well. :grin:
Let’s see where this end up…

I think Signal has first to fix this max 150 users limitation.
On Telegram I saw groups of more than 900 users.

Is telegram safe?
I think it’s more popular for movie, song download, pirate, even watch new movies!

Telegram don’t have this limitation. I think it is 5000.
And have many feature and you can store in the SD card.

We have already a group for telecomHall there in Telegram ( … But most of people doesn’t use. :frowning:

What I think is funny on this current news about Whatsapp is that there is not two separated companies called “whatsApp” and another called “Facebook”.
Is just different products of Facebook Inc. Metadata from one app used to populate another will probably just bring new ads (better precision) to the platform.
The chats, content, media, etc, still secured in E2E.

There are thousand apps collecting metadata running SDKs from geo marketing companies right now in all devices across the globe.
I doubt that everyone reads the terms before accepting it.

Tbh I dont care anymore about these privacy laws.
Only way to avoid these laws is have absolute no presence on internet or use military grade encryption to hide yourself.
Moment you login to internet, regardless what privacy settings are of app, you can be monitored.

Recently whilst researching security, I came across 33.107 series.
These interceptions are built in every network.

Web 3.0 is the solution.

Facebook versus WhatsApp versus Telegram x Signal:

Checked now:

New policy of WhatsApp in simple words:

You are chatting romantically with your girlfriend on WhatsApp.
Then your wife opens her Facebook and she will be flooded with Ads from Divorce lawyers.


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Signal vs Telegram, WhatsApp Facebook Messenger: What data does each App collect from your phone?

A more complete list of Companies collecting ourr personal data…

Beyond tracking your viewing habits, purchases, and even location, companies are gathering all the stats they legally can, right down to your height, weight, hobbies, and pets.