Is it safe to set all Airspan eNodeBs on same channel to 20Mhz?

dear all, we use Airspan EnodeB. Is it safe to set all enodeB same channel 20 Mhz? We are currently using 10 Mhz, the throughput goes up to 25 Mbps.

We need more throughput!

Hi There , You should contact PLM/Airspan representative with the hardware model info and he will be able to confirm if you can use it or not but normally Airspan nodes are mostly custom designed as per reuirement ,if BPF and radio unit are allowed to handle 20Mhz then they can use ,no limitations from software end

I have the 20 mhz option. I want to know if lte standards allow multiple enodeb coexist work on the same frequency. Wimax does not allow

What do you mean by this?

I need to confirm if I can use same channel in all enodeB per 3GPP technical specifications

You can use multiple band like L800 for coverage and L1800 for capacity.
Why do you require to use Multiple EnodeB on same channel ?

Our license is for 30Mhz…Band40. So we can operate from 2300-2330 Mhz

In Lte you can use 20 mhz per cells

Is there any precation to take in consideration to avoid interference?

I advise you to seperate f1=20Mhz and f2= 10Mhz
F1 use for highly dense and for Thoroughput requirement areas.
F2 you can on same low potential areas.
There will be no interference in between cells on same enodeb.

PCI Planning should be correct.

Can you share any tool to calculate PCI?..Rf planning tool

For Pci Planning,
You can perform Manually if you have low number of enodeb.
Or ATOLL from forsk or UNET from huawei tool are available…

You can also perform Frequency and Root Sequence planning.

Pci range 0-503

Rach preamble Range 0-838

You can plan one cluster with 20mhz and one cluster with 10Mhz.
If you found any Capacity issues on 10Mhz enodeb/cells, you can increase to 20Mhz.
I have some enodebs with 2 sectors 20Mhz and one sector with 10 mhz.

I think based on market, and operator investment, make network easy not complex…keep expansion in mind for new network