Is it possible to have different SCS for PDSCH and PDCCH on the same BWP?

Hi experts,

I saw that the time allocation parameters for PDSCH from the associated DCI are SLIV and K_0, plus one parameter that represents the ratio between PDSCH and PDCCH numerologies.
I didn’t understand from the standard if it can happen on the same BWP, or if this value takes place in cases of BWP switching only.

I’ll be glad if someone could make things clearer for me.
Adding a photo for emphasis.

Yes, it is possible for the same BWP.


  1. n= 1 slot
  2. pdcch = 15 (scs= 0)
  3. pdsch = 30 (scs=1)
  4. k0=1

Then according to formulate
=( 1*(2/1)) + 1
= 3

So if PDCCH with SCS 15 comes in slot 1 so according to the formula, UE can read pdsch data on slot 4 (1+3).

Most of the operators use the same SCS only and k0 value also they are keeping 0 so according to the formula, UE can find PDCCH and PDSCH data in the same slot.

I suppose no.

Because BWP is let’s say defined by SCS.

Yeah. I also don’t remember PDSCH or PDCCH level SCS definition.