Is it possible for LTE to operate on the 3500 MHz band?

Indeed, the 3500 MHz band can be utilized by 4G.

  • In LTE release 15, 3GPP incorporated support for the 3500 MHz band, which is also referred to as band 49.

  • The 3500 MHz band is commonly known as the C-Band.

  • Band 49 operates within the frequency range of 3550-3700 MHz, with a total bandwidth of 150 MHz.

  • Channel bandwidths of 10 and 20 MHz are supported by band 49.

  • Additionally, in release 15, 3GPP introduced support for a new TDD band called 52, ranging from 3300 MHz to 3400 MHz, which has a total bandwidth of 100 MHz.

  • As depicted in the picture, 3GPP also included support for numerous new frequency bands for LTE in release 15.

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Yes it is possible

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In US, band 48 (3.55~3.7GHz) allocate for CBRS. It is shared by Gov/operator, licensed and unlicensed.

In principle it is possible to operate a LTE network in 3500 MHz band - but very few devices actually support LTE in this spectrum: Phone Finder - search for a phone by feature -

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The most US launched handsets from 2020 support CBRS (B48 LTE) including major; Iphone and Samsung Galaxy.

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