Is it possible emergency call without SIM card?

Hi all,

In my handset emergency call is not working without SIM card.

Is it possible emergency call without SIM card?

Is it possible emergency call without SIM card


Yes, handset should work without SIM card.


But it’s not working what may be issue and how it works without SIM card?

SIM card function in the Core side as a spec / authentication entity that provides the credentials that needs to match the core generated keys (authentication token).

However, emergency (911 for instance) by passes this function upon receiving the defined global emergency numbers, thus connects you with the nearest site.

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But here calls are not connecting: Tried 100, 112

Try 911 / 999
And check.

Otherwise connect with the VAS team of this operator to check if this number is allowed to make such calls.

Tried both these also.

In this case, check with Operator…

Must this service be self activated or the user has to get activate?

Tried on 2-3 handsets same issue…

But here I am not using any sim card in mobile then to which operator I need to talk? :slight_smile:

Oh, yes my bad.

At the moment, this is my knowledge about Emergency calls.

Their nature obleg the calls to go without authentication, yet I’m not familiar with the rules Internationally, whether or not it’s sim-less service in your country.

I have seen such cases, but unfortunately, with SIM card inserted.

Maybe other experts can give your more comprehensive answers.

Technically it is possible, but in Brazil operators cannot release this service because the police (190) need to receive identification of the A number and its registration. The police (190) receive many fake calls.

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Check for ims emergency support in SIB1 if it’s true then your CN support emergency call without sim or invalid sim scenarios else if it’s false then your network doesn’t support this.

Okay, Then a User cannot check these things…but it should be enable/set/true.


It’s Core network emergency number B number definition to 112 to desired number translation required and configured.

It’s not automatic, though without SIM its must work on this config.

Stupid question.
Are you under at least under one MNO coverage?

Means people who are trying to explain are fool here?