Is it okay to use MLB Idle Mode with MlbTriggerMode being "UE_NUMBER_ONLY?

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So, in Huawei LTE network I have:

L1800 F1 (20M)
L1800 F2 (10M)
L2100 (10M)

Referring to the counter “L.Traffic.User.Avg”, the distribution of users per sector per cell goes as:
72% (L1800 20M)
12% (L1800 F2 10M)
16% (L2100 10M)

While DL PBR per frequency goes as follow
90% (L1800 F1)
63% (L1800 F2)
80% (L2100)

Is it okay to use MLB Idle Mode with MlbTriggerMode being "UE_NUMBER_ONLY?

For your case, MLB Idle mode will not help to ditribute UE among carriers, Better to use PRB ones.

L.Traffic.User.Avg : The counters are measured based on the user state at the sampling time. The number of UEs in RRC_CONNECTED Mode in a cell is sampled per second. At the end of a measurement period, the average and maximum of these sampling results are used as the values of the corresponding counters.

If you are still advice to use UE_NUM only than dont forget to activate SynchronizedUE otherwise only Idle UE activation will not help you.

Before starting MLB must check tilt / Pa /Pb / ReferenceSignalPwr / MaximumtransmitPower value and make sure there is no any improper settings.

Note : Generally MLB not works efficient while didnt check power and tilt among carriers.

Also one another point before starting MLB, you must be sure about Cell Channel Power definition for “PcfichPwr / PbchPwr / DbchPwr / PchPwr / RaRspPwr / PrsPwr / DediDciPwrOffset / PwrOffset” , this is very trick part of MLB - HEDEX never says about it :wink: