Is iPhone 13 capable of supporting subcarrier spacing (SCS) of 30 kHz?

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Why iPhone 13 only connect to 5G SA cell with SCS 15 (and not 30)?

That’s weird. iPhone 13 only attach with SCS 15…

Is iPhone 13 capable of supporting subcarrier spacing (SCS) of 30 kHz

There cannot be any limitation like this…

But I’m seeing iPhone 13 only connecting with SSB SCS 15.

With SCS 30 it isn’t latching to the cell.

Jio network also is using SSB SCS 15 for Apple iPhone 13, so that’s weird.

Let’s see what ChatGPT has to say: :grinning:

The iPhone 13 is designed to support 5G networks, but it is optimized for use with 5G Standalone (SA) networks that use a subcarrier spacing (SCS) of 15 kHz. This means that the iPhone 13 is able to take advantage of the increased bandwidth and faster speeds available on 5G SA networks that use SCS 15, but it may not be able to connect to or perform as well on 5G networks that use a different SCS.

The iPhone 13’s modem is not capable of supporting subcarrier spacing (SCS) of 30 kHz. This is a limitation of the hardware and technology used in the device. Additionally, 5G SA networks with SCS 30 is not yet widely available, and most of the deployments are based on SCS 15, which is why the device is optimized for that.

The device is equipped with a specific modem that is only capable of supporting a subcarrier spacing (SCS) of 15 kHz. This means that the device’s hardware is not capable of connecting to or fully utilizing 5G networks that use a different SCS. Carrier configuration can only optimize the performance of the device on their network but can not change the underlying hardware capabilities.

iPhone 13 support n78 band, and n78 is widely used with 30 kHz SCS.

Hence its imposible that iphone 13 do not support 30 kHz SCS…

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Is this a response by ChatGPT?

Yes, it is.

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LTE is in 30 kHz, so its devices.

Well, let’s go adjusting the ChatGPT. :grinning:

I apologize for any confusion caused by my previous responses. As a language model AI, my knowledge is based on the information provided during my training. My knowledge cut-off was on 2021, and as you’ve said a lot of experts said that iPhone support 5G SA SCS 30. It is possible that the device’s capabilities have been updated or changed since then, and I apologize for any inaccuracies in my previous responses.

It is important to note that the capabilities of a device are determined by the hardware and software used in the device, and these can change over time as new technologies become available. It’s also possible that it depends on the carrier network, as the network infrastructure, settings, and configurations can affect the performance of a device on that network.

iPhones are able to perform on N78 on NSA, so there are no HW restraints to connect to SA.