Is IoT becoming M2M again?

Is IoT becoming M2M again? M2M is a traditional system used to manage a specific process, involving connecting particular parts of a process to exchange information. IoT, on the other hand, involves systems publishing their information without the systems needing to know which programs, processes, or users will use it. Data is available to multiple systems in a way that can be expanded and revised if new needs arise. IoT optimizes not only a single process but the entire ecosystem, offering greater flexibility than traditional M2M systems.

However, things happening in the IoT world are against the idea of an open structure.

Firstly, there’s the issue of security. When you put your data in a cloud service, you give up control of it. This is a popular argument, and there are calls for laws to regulate this.

Secondly, some people think that data is like gold, and sharing it for free is like giving it away. However, sharing data can help make progress in critical areas like the environment and healthcare.

Lastly, you must be careful whom you share your data with. Some providers might share your data without permission, so choosing a trustworthy one is essential. This is another reason why we need laws to regulate the market.

The Value of Data Sharing: Progress! Let’s protect essential data and information, but remember that sharing data can have a meaning and that M2M is a dated term we do not need to revive.