Is Huawei's RNO/RNP certification really worth it?

Hey Experts,
Is Huawei’s RNO/RNP certification really worth it?

If you are in Huawei. :wink:

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I see. Thanks @ran_core_consultant.

I should take that back.
I didn’t mean to discourage you doing this Certification.
If you have time, energy, money and interested then do it.
Certifications on their own do not guarantee success in future, so keep that in mind.

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Definitely yeah I see what you mean, certifications don’t necessarily mean/prove knowledge.
Maybe I should have rephrased the question to be “does it really have any impact on career development, aside from gained knowledge?”

Yes that’s what I thought and answer is same, probably if you are in Huawei.
Outside what have you done matters more.

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Exactly, that is I thought too.
Thank you again @ran_core_consultant.