Is Data split in NSA mandatory or optional?

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Is Data split in NSA mandatory or optional?

DRB split is donde when you hace Dual Connection between 4G and 5G.

It can exist DRB on 5G or 4G only, but the idea is to have 4G+5G to achieve higher throughout.

This is optional and you can limit according to the vendor. Also, for example, for uplink split, user capability is also required (check in user log).

  • . . . . . . . . . . . .splitDRB-withUL-Both-MCG-SCG: 0 ( supported)

So it is optional and I can configure master or secondary to forward data directly to ue without split, right?

You can configure 5G icon with upperLayerIndicator, and configure no 5G DBR split.

Yes, you can select opt3a.


Let me ask in other way: so what is importance for split data if I can do it by normal CA between LTE carriers?

Can you tell me the exact requirement?

Are you referring MCG Split or SCG Split?

I mean data split versus normal carrier aggregation.

In LTE it is possible to achieve 1600 Mbps with CA?

5G icon.

Maybe yes, if we have multiple CC.

I agree with you.

Actually i see 5G NSA is just a transition state toward SA , specifically if I can get excellent throughput with multiple CC.

Specifically that data split often degrades LTE throughput when enabling it.


In UL impact is heavy if the use is spectrum sharing between 4G and 5G.

Dual connectivity allows you to use MCG & SCG resources at the same time (4G+5G).

Carrier aggregation is for LTE only carriers.

In NSA architecture it is also possible to restrict UL/DL data transmission to MCG or SCG legs alone without split.

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It is not mandatory and it’s depends on the operator choose option for deployment.