Is 5G still a race to sell data?

Hi All,
Is 5G still a race to sell data?
What is your opinion?

The other verticals are not yet fully ready so only way to make up costs of investment is use 4G business model i.e. data.
Private 5G is another potential contender but adoption is too slow.

Maybe currently the race is to get high speeds:

‘World first’: 5Gbps download speed over 5G achieved by Telstra, Ericsson and Qualcomm

As of now, Network Slicing is future of 5G, not high Throughput!
For high Throughput, fiber to home will be used.
No one will invest for high Throughput such huge amount.

We have more than 2 years of 5G.
All we got for now is eMBB. Nothing from uRLLC or mMTC or Network Slicing or Mobile Edge.

Yes agree.
Actually I mentioned above after discussion with one of colleague working for 5G product development.
As per him now focus shifting away from throughput sooner 6G should start in market.

We are in this situation due to late 5GC rollout.

Yes, odd number always lag in telecomm like 1g, 3g, now 5g.

URLLC is postponed to Rel17.
mMTC is in Rel16 but unlikely its adoption will be quick. Lot of mMTC is built for Industry Verticals.