Is 5G is a game changer or just another marketing play?

Hello guys,
Do you think 5G will be all this we’ve been hearing?
What’s your opinion?
What are the real benefits of a faster and better mobile internet to the World?

In the computation world, there’s this shift going from Intel x86 to ARM.
AWS Moving to ARM means most developers working on Intel x86 architecture would move to ARM based laptops.
In coming days, most people would forget the idea of performing calculations on local laptop. All the data would go to AWS and all the calculations and computations would be on cloud.
For example, if I had to troubleshoot the network worst cells, why do all the calculations on local laptop. Push the KPIs on cloud and run calculations on AWS. The benefit is that, if I code it, I don’t need to repeat the steps every day. The moment the data is pushed from the Network Performance center to AWS, the calculations run and the summary is shown: these 10 cells require that change, these 15 cells require that change etc.
In next step, cellular operators won’t require engineers to come to office. Just push data on cloud and ask the engineer to work from anywhere and get the network optimised.

For all this to happen, internet speeds of 4G are not enough.

Once the data gets uploaded to AWS, company can simply put the task on Toptal and pay for optimising the cells. Like 10$ for troubleshooting a KPI for one cell.

If you have 100 worst cells on daily basis, you only need to pay 1000$ each day. No need to pay if the cell doesn’t get optimised/doesn’t match the KPI threshold.

5G would surely transform the way we work, study and conduct business.

So RF Engineer will become jobless.
This technology is killing jobs as technologies are getting advanced…

I don’t think so.
But job market would become more democratized.
Today, if a US cellular operator wants to get a cell troubleshooted, they would most probably only take services from RF engineers in USA.
Although the talent is equally distributed all over the world.
High speed internet connection would enable talent to get work across the globe without leaving the house.

Unfortunately, I expect the same :neutral_face:

Not necessarily, it will be just an adaptation and a creation of new oportunities.
Maybe the reduction of RF Engineers, but I see the increase of Cloud Engineer and the jobs associated.

So, what will be the best profile then?
Or required new skills for RF engineer to be ready for this new world coming?

We’ll know it by then