IoT Use Case - Pizzeria without pizza chefs in Paris

IoT use case - Pizzeria without pizza chefs

Is future coming?



:woozy_face: Automation in some of the sectors will decrease jobs and humanity will suffer…

This is quite debatable topic.
Does jobs opportunities will go down OR paradigm of jobs skills set will change?

There was report from work economic forum that automation, where it will cut jobs, will also produce millions more opportunities, albeit needing much more advanced skills.

What are those arenas where human employment will shift and what’s going on there as of now?
And do we have much room there to fulfill the reqs?

I will try to lookup. But it was probably 2 3 year old report.
There are a lot of interesting analysis and predictions done every year by these forums, worth keeping an eye on.

Not sure I understand your question but of course, always. Mankind has made all this progress by always looking ahead towards better future. Just a generation ago, no one would have imagined that we will be talking real time with our family 12 time zones away, but we do now. Similarly we will develop new skills for new requirements

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I believe the same report from WEF also suggested what we can do to prepare ourselves once automation takes place.

That should be good to update with progress and life long learning.