IoT 2022 in review: The 10 Most Relevant IoT Developments of the Year

As we start 2023, the IoT Analytics team has again evaluated the past year’s main IoT developments in the global “Internet of Things” arena. This article highlights some general observations and our top 10 IoT stories from 2022, a year characterized by a skyrocketing inflation rate, ongoing supply disruptions, and a looming recession.

  1. Most accelerated IoT vertical: Supply chain
  2. IoT Security Breach of the year: none
  3. Biggest 2022 funding round: Envision Digital
  4. Most talked about merger/acquisition: Semtech and Sierra Wireless
  5. Biggest impact on the IoT job market: Tech layoffs
  6. Most surprising IoT divestiture: Google
  7. Most important government initiative: E.U. Cyber Resilience Act
  8. Upcoming IoT connectivity standard: Matter
  9. Biggest IPO: Mobileye
    10 . Most notable new IoT projects: 11 lighthouse smart factories