Introduction to 5G, Key Capabilities and Use Cases

Delve into the fascinating world of 5G, exploring its key capabilities and real-world use cases.

From ultra-fast speeds to transformative applications, 5G is reshaping the way we connect and communicate.

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Let’s continue our journey towards a 5G-powered future!

Faculty Development Program on 5G Technology : Introduction to 5G, Key Capabilities and Use Cases

  • Role of International Telecommunication Union
  • Role of SDOs / 3GPP
  • IMT 2020 vision and requirement of ITU
  • IMT – International Mobile Telecommunications
  • 3GPP releases timelines
  • 5G Adoption and Proliferation
  • 5G Usage Scenarios and Key Capabilities
  • ITU defined 5G Usage Scenarios
  • 5G Enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB)
  • eMBB Use Cases
  • 5G Ultra Reliable Low Latency Communications (uRLLC)
  • uRLLC Use cases
  • 5G Massive Machine Type Communications (mMTC)
  • mMTC Use Cases
  • SA and NSA 5G
  • 5G Releases by 3GPP
  • 5G for Public Safety
  • 5G For Agriculture
  • 5G for Experience, Education and Entertainment
  • 5G Connected XR
  • 5G for Health Sector
  • 5G for Industries

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