Intra Frequency Reselection from High to Low priority

Hi All,
For LTE Intra Freq reselection, can we have case of UE doing reselection from high to low prio?
Or is it always same prio reselection on basis of ranking criteria?

Yes you can when passing threshservinglow.
But lower prio is usually another freq.
Is not same freq.

Ok, but in network same earfcn cell having same prio, so how can we have from high to low prio?

Same RAT but interfreq is lower prio.

This case it is intra freq.

Crazy design :slight_smile:

Yes, it is. :grin:

You can configure different priorities for these eARFCN.

For same eARFCN case as well.
If we have l1800 then I think all cells having same prio.

But you can configure different eARFCN.
In our netwrok, priority is Dynamic.
Whichever eARFCN in same band have more available PRB, have more priority.

Dynamic priority?
Which vendor?
Is it new?

It’s part of idle mode load balancing IMLB.

Weighted round robin algorithm
Yes that there it’s base on WRR algorithm.


I think for UE Reselecting from High Priority to Low Priority Both threshserving_Low ( Source cell RSRP < Threserving_Low) and Thesx_Low ( NBR RSRP> Thresx_low) Criteria should meet and -SononIntra_Search as well for Different RAT.