Interference in FDD LTE cells after the activation of TDD

Hi experts,

During a new deployment of TDD, I noticed an increase of interference in FDD L1800 and L2600 cells just after the activation of TDD in the sites.

Please any one has an explanation for this issue,

Vendor Hw

Hi Adil,
Any chance that you can provide more details about the TDD you activated and the configuration you had? (Interference in co-site or different).

Hi Aliasgherman,

The interference happens in co-site, TDD and FDD are using separate antenna and TDD is configured with 2 carriers 38050 and 37852 with 20Mhz in each carrier.

Sorry, I think I misunderstood the original question.
Do you mean to say that you activated
TDD in 2600 from 2570 till 2610 MHz (40MHz total, 2 carriers with 20MHz each) and noticed that the interference on 1800 which is using FDD has increased ?

Yes exactly, interference increased in FDD L1800 ( EARFC 2850) and in FDD L2600 (EARFCN 2850).

I suspect the intermodulation interference, I don’t know if there is a feature which can detect and supress this type of interference in FDD knowing that the vendor is HW.