Interference Hunting

Hi Radio Experts,
I would like your recommendation for the best interference hunting tool , if available auto-hunting as well tool?


Interference Hunting

In the interference hunting, we have interference on the 800 band.

We are using the spectrum analyser.

Is it necessary to turn off the 800 band on the neighboring sites?

The interference is only showing in 1 site?

1 sector is excessive.

The others low but not normal.

Why are you concluding to interference?

Values exceeding - 90 in 4G.

Yes but can be internal interference

1st you have to identify the affected cells

Check if they are in the same area

Check the orientation

But in your case it’s only one cell affected.

If the cell is not isolated and no neighbors affected, i doubt about external interference.

Check the VSWR also. Is it >1.2?

No VSWR alarms, I checked.

I replaced the antenna, feeders and RRUs.

Same issue.

There is 2G?

Yes there is 2G.

I switched between two sectors:

Interference shifted to the other sector.

What is the bandwidth space between your L800 and G900?

Turn off the 2G of the same site to see the impact?

You have to fully eliminate the internal interference probabilities.

About 40 MHz difference.

Ok, Can you show the map plot of your sectors by highlighting the impacted one?

It’s most definitely interference.

Check CQI is it degraded from the day interference started?

I think he should 1st go through basics steps before conclude.

Interference on only 1 cell?

He can also modify PCI / RSI planning firstly.

You can conduct its FFT scan as well. It will pinpoint if the interference is external or internal.

Yes, sure.

In our network, we deal with these interferences a lot.

As we have a lot of people using repeaters and jammers.

So to quickly locate it’s external or internal, we conduct an FFT scan along with field Spectrum scanning.