Inter freq issue: one target carrier fine, another causing x2ap prep fail issue

I have inter freq issue.
One target carrier is fine, another target carrier is causing x2ap prep fail issue.
What can be the cause
Inter grew from Samsung to one huawei carrier fine and one Huawei carrierv prep fail x2ap. Can anyone guide
Sudden increase of prep att.
It is newly integrated region site.

Check X2 link status, ask BO team to reset link.
Same issue faced by me when IFHO attempts from ZTE land to Nokia land.
After reset of link issue has resolved.

If configuration wise everything fine, pls check L.HHO.Prep.FailIn.AdmitFail.Load this counter
Is it increased from same date?

And also confirm with increased prep failures, any increased noticed in inter freq HO attempts?

Thirdly check the transmission end as well,

But with one carrier fine another no.
I will Check x2 faults if any.
I think x2 reset may work.
But those some are preparation success are executed in that carrier.
So some prep attempts can pass in that case.