Ingress rate limit for Ethernet link

Hi Experts,
Can anyone confirm parameter that defines the ingress rate limit for Ethernet link?
Vendor is Huawei.

This is based on ETH mode, it can be 100M or 1G or Auto Negotiation.
Command is SET ETHPORT.

Based on UMPT card, it can support many other ETH modes such as 10G.

But in general we set this Para to AUTO, not using forced speed. If you want to see what mode is negotiated with peer device such as router, need to use DSP ETHPORT command.

Okay, thanks!
And what are drawback if we specify speed instead of AUTO?

No issue if you know the speed from both ends.
But sometimes it can cause issues such as hardware replacement from router end where they insert wrong SFP, so the link may not come up or will work on wrong mode.