Information about IPPATH for 3G Huawei

Hi dears.

Have anybody information about IPPATH for 3G Huawei?

I checked in Hedex:
IPPATH can affect to CS or PS, because I have one site that had problems in PS CALL DROP, but no in CS, when IPPATH was changed PS call drop was corrected

I think it can affect just Iu PS, not Iu CS.

The IPPATH will be the interface that IuB will use.

IuCS is from RNC to MSC and IuPS is from RNC to SGSN.

For IPPATH you can check IP KPIs, like packet loss, delay, jitter.

Here are some WCDMA Iu PS Troubleshooting Cases from Huawei. These cases may appear in other vendor’s network.

  1. IPPATH bad configuration cause IP Iu PS RAB failure in RCN because congestion without previous alarm
  2. Iu PS IPPATHs fault after new IPPATH addition
  3. IuPS RAB Establishment Failure Because SGSN Assign its Resource to Other UGFU Board Which Is Not Connected with RNC
  4. License cause IUPS over IP not working
  5. One IU-PS link is limited because of SGSN
  6. Subscriber can attach to 3G network but cannot connect to the internet (IU-PS connection)_only PS service_but not CS
  7. Testbed IUPS (huawei SGSN) integration
  8. WRAN PS session dropped cause of IuPS IPPATH BW

But indeed, because it is one site with problems, it is likely that IPPATH in this case refers to IuB not to Iu PS.

Yes, IPPATH can indeed affect both CS and PS. It seems the IPPATH configuration was impacting PS call drops. To resolved the issue by optimizing the packet-switched path, leading to better performance and fewer drops.