Increase in Paging Congestion rate impacts

My network have increase in Paging Congestion rate.
After investigation it’s observed that some sites have increased this KPI.
Although other KPIs are normal in trend.
What is the impact on increase of this KPI?

For 2G, 3G or 4G?

How about DDN?

It is 4G.


Downlink Data Notification from SGW to MME.

Is it Core level KPI?

Yes, please check and feedback.

Please check these sites transmission quality.
Maybe due to transmission issue, interupted, alot of paging messages come to eNB at the same time, lead to paging congestion in the air interface.

Can you paste the formula you are using to calculate congestion?
Paging KPIs are sometime bit misleading i.e. they don’t represent an issue.
But its worth looking at the counters and what is being measured.


No issues at transmission end. But paging channel capacity is decrease of those cells.

Is this KPI gone up?
Have you checked which counter has changed?
For instance KPI can go up if your Denom is lower now, which is possible if eNB is receiving less pages (possible if Core has made a change).

Both counters of Num and Den are increased.
Have shared this issue with Core.
Mostly sites attached have same pattern, despite of 4 to 5 sites.

Yes it’s worth asking from them what have they changed or why suddenly these eNbs are receding more paging attempts.
Also look at eNBs for alarms.
eNB schedular has queue to buffer pages.
Looks like it is getting congested, which can be cause of core change.
Worth doing a quick audit of eNB parameters.
For instance if paging inteval is large then its likely that paging congestion will happen.