Increase in MCS and CQI but decrease Traffic Volume and Throughput


How to explain this scenario after pre-DT & post DT.

Increased MCS and CQI but Traffic Volume and Throughput Decreased.


Was other conditions similar on the cell I.e. both pre and post were around similar time of the day and similar days?

With DT, best to get histograms like CQI, MCS, Tput etc to compare.

Yes, parameters were aligned.

DL throughput is influenced by numbers of users per cell.
You cannot expect to be the same in 2 drive-test, pre and post.

How about Cell Throughput & Rank 2 %?
Is it improved?
This is only dependent on your Post DT RSPR and SINR improved.

Hard to guess with looking at rest of data.
One thing I can say is Average might be misleading so look at samples.