In UAM of RLC will HARQ of MAC work?

Hi All.

Can any one tell in UAM of RLC will HARQ of MAC work or it also won’t work in UAM mode?

One more thing UDP data will go through under which mode of RLC and why?

Data transferred over qci-erab combination.

It depends for intended QCI is configured with which mode of RLC.

Yes this will work.

Both can be configured.

HARQ repetitions are independent of RLC mode or of RLC retransmissions.

Can you explain more bit please?

UDP is higher layer protocol (IP), RLC is lower layer.

Each QCI has its RLC mode defined, depending on vendor implementation.

Lets say UE has 4 erab with different QCI.

Data transfer will take intended QCI based on defined TFT.

So it will take intended data path erab-qci-RLC mode combinations.

Hope it clears your doubt.

Yes thanks a lot! You all!