In LTE-A (LTE+) what is the Average and Max Throughput?

Hi Experts,

In LTE-A (LTE+) with band 3 (20MHz) 256QAM + MIMO 4x4 and Band 8 (10MHz) MIMO 2x2 in live network what is the Average and Max Throughput?

Per PRB 168 * 8 = 1344
20MHz 100 PRB & 4*4

For 10MHz 50 PRB & 2*2
134.4 Mbps

Could you explain this with more details?

One RB 12 sub carriers × 7 OFDM SYMBOLS (0.5ms)
So PRB has 2 ( TTI-1ms)
Finally 1PRB = 2×12×7 = 168
256 QAM = 8 bits can transmit from each RE

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Physical Resource Block (PRB) & Resource Block (RB) both are same? Or any different may there?


As per type 0 allocation here in 20 MHz , 4 RBG here so here any relationship between PRB & RB?

1 PRB = 2 RBs
The concept of RBG is used by the scheduler for simpler allocation mapping. Instead of having one to one mapping with the total number of RBs you have.

But as per the capacity and throughput calculation, you deal with RBs & PRBs.

Capacity can be calculated as: bit per Hz * N subcarriers * N symbol per subframe in 1ms.