In Ericsson where can I find the pb and Reference Signal Power parameters?

In Ericsson where I can to find the pb and Reference Signal Power parameter?

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pdschTypeBGain & crsGain

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In Huawei I have Pb=1 and PaPcOff=-3. In Ericsson the smiliar parameters are pdschTypeBGain=1 and crsGain=300 (3dB) ?

Huawei CRS
1.PDSCHCfg.ReferenceSignalPwr 18.2 dBm for 20 watt===>Pb
2.PDSCH Other PDSCHCfg.Pb CellDlpcPdschPa.Pa PcOff 1 dB to -3 dB===>Pa

Ericsson CRS
1.calculated from[SectorEquipmentFunction]configuredOutputPower[EUtranCellFDD] crsGain 40000 to 300 (3 dB)==>Pa
2.[EUtranCellFDD] pdschTypeBgain 1 ===>(Pb)

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In SectorCarrier MO we have the fields (parameters) configuredMaxTxPower AND maximumTransmissionPower, with values

In SectorEquipmentFunction MO we do NOT have the parameter configuredOutputPower filled (it’s empty)

Hi ,
Using below commands in winfiol tool you will get cell wise information.
For more information,Below one is the RS power calculation.
RS = Power(Single Port) - 10Log(12* Total RB) + 10 log (1 + Pb)

for 5MHZ with no CRS gain pb=0 and 20W/port

RS = 43 - 10Log(12*25) + 10log (1+0)
RS = 43 - 24.7 + 0
RS = 18.3