In Carrier Aggregation why the SINR value is from Primary Carrier?

In Carrier Aggregation: Assuming 2CC.
The UE Sinr value is that of Primary Carrier.
Although secondary carrier SINR is also there.
Why the overall SINR value is that of Primary, any specific reason?

For CA csi reporting based on pcell on pucch.
Csi consists of cqi, ri, pmi.

Yes, I know that but that’s CSI.
When UE feedback to eNodeB.
SINR value is calculated on UE end, why tool only considering PCC SINR?
I can’t find any info for SINR in CA scenario.

I just linked cqi with sinr so think it’s on pcell only.

Hmm, yes i understand your logic.
Because this thing is impacting whole sinr value in our city drive.
If both layer sinr value is considered then it would be good for us. :grin:

Ok, you mean averaging of both layers sinr value.
Like we are doing averaging of cqi for cw0 and cw1.