Improve Uplink Throughput for UE in excellent RF condition

Dear Huawei LTE Expert,
Your quick opinion required: How to Improve UPLINK Throughput?
UE placed at excellent RF condition and No user issue at Cell.
Please advise.

What’s your BSR, PHR and PUSCH power, and UL modulation at this point?

BSR for TDD, right?

Buffer Status Report.

UE using PHU have less access to get parameter.
BHR and PHR can get from eNobeB end?

Nope, only from DT or UE traces at OSS.

Uu mean, right?

It is better to have a DT in that point for that user.
There is all the info you need, like BSR, PHR, PUSCH power and UL modulation.

Is 64 QAM and rim both enabled?
Also UL interference is below -100? (as can be seen in ul64qam kpi stats too)

There are some parameters too to improve, but this is initial check.

Use PAMC Feature!!