Improve Throughput in specific Radio Condition from Drive Test

Hello Experts,
Can anyone please suggest me how I can improve throughput in that radio condition.
Vendor Huawei.

What about PRB utilization?

Max PRB Utilization during test is 94%.

If near site with good RF, try change scheduling with maxCI.
Little bit tricky :grimacing:.

Can you advise for Huawei eNodeB?

Don’t know the name of this parameter in Huawei, but you can find easily doing a search in Hedex for maxCI.

Also check sim card profile.

64QAM, maybe try activating 256QAM feature.

What is rank indicator?
Is eNodeB with 4 or with 2 antenna?
It worth trying a better position for a higher MIMO rank.

Yes, like @RFSpecialist said, you can improve with MIMO 4x4 or 256 QAM if you don’t have on this site or Cell.

Or even using a phone that has 4x4 capability in that band and find a special location where rank4 would be available.

Site is 2x2 MIMO with 64QAM.
Not supporting 256 because of Hardware.

Right, but did you get rank2 during your test?
Find a better RF position to increase SINR from 21 dB to 25-30 dB (few meters left or right, front or back).

I see RI (rank indicator)=2 in your previous picture so there’s nothing more you can do on MIMO but try to find a better RF position to increase sinr from 21 dB to 25-30 dB ( few meters left or right, front or back).
This way MCS will increase and coding rate will increase.

Thank you, I will check.
But I need to improve the performance on that position.

Looking at your SC and MN your sinr should be much better than 21 dB. It should be over 30-35 dB:


Any suggestion to check or parameter?

You need to be sure if you want to degrade the whole cell by chaging scheduling type from proportional fair to max CI only to improve throughput of single user…

I will check cell performance first.
And if it is can improve I will do temporary for an event.