Improve serving cell SINR in good coverage and quality area

Serving cell SINR is too bad but coverage and quality is good.

Can anyone help me how can I improve the SINR?

Check your PCI mod 3 conflict.

And PCI confusion as well.

Yes, already did some modifications, but still SINR is not satisfactory level.

mod 3 is there 192, 150 and 327 remainder is zero.

That one changed.
327 is changed with 329.
150 I will check again why serving here.
Should be different direction.

150 not important.
Is too weak.

If you use MIMO 2x2 check rssi for tx1rx1 and tx2rx1 in TEMS.
What is the difference?

Is there any RSRP level window to consider for PCI collision?

Any neighbor with RSRP lower than 15-20 db than serving it doesn’t matter.

What is thr l.interferens avg and did you check ant rssi for branch

What about prb level rssi result ?
Check TA for the neighbours it could be effect your zone?
Check mod 3

What is the azimuth of all sector ?
How many sectors there.

Check if some RB already interfered