Hi All,
My site CQI is improved from 6 to 7, but my RF is poor and I don’t want to dip traffic nor I cannot do anything with neighbor sites.
I have changed CQI adjust and then found gain.
My major Traffic is in qpsk and my cqi is now7.
PUCCH and PUSCH SINR, any parameters to improve further?
Vendor is Huawei, LTE.

PUCCH and PUSCH SINR is bad and IBLER is 19

I think: Cell have few users and might placed at cell edges as you said CQI is weak.
Check your RS power of cell is same as other cells.

I don’t want to dip traffic, so RS Power is out of question.
I have changed crs port from 2 to 4, and shrinked the coverage.
I have neighbours overshoot but cannot do physical adjust.

Ok, so you want to improve CQI - I think one of most challenging task in radio field.
Check PDCCH CQI shift parameter.
Try overlapping reduction .
On top of it, do you have CQI step up and step down parameters or hard-coded?

CQI adjust I changed from 100 to 10.
Found gain from 6 to 7.

PDCCH agg is bad.

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Ok one magic used. :grin:

PDCCH power booster defined UEs yes.
Should I change initial delta cqi from 0 to -4?
Any scheduling parameters, so that initial cqi can be improved there?

I think value shown in KPI is after step up and step down not UE reported CQI shown by eNodeB stats it’s per CQI class value, i.e. from 0 to 15.

I know without physical it’s tough now.
But customer is out of his mind. :frowning:

Inspite seeing DT logs, can I discard cell edge user? Any parameters?
Keeping in mind drops don’t happen, because my coverage sample is ok

Yes customer always with big stick on CQI but he is culprit because of poor planning it’s happened.
How dense network in India, no one can imagine what I’ve seen: site at 100 meter inter site distance.
Even adjacent sites.

Should I discard cell edge?
Make C/I in PDCCH?

So ask customer to switch off few sites and work on increase license on site to cater more users.

But it can backfire.
It is required, they are upgrading.

Should I give priority to good users? Will my CQI improve?

Use RSRQ based redirection to other layers.

But in LTE we have HO.
Redirect is for inter RAT, isn’t it?

No, redirection is used for LTE to LTE as well.
And it’s for inter RAT as well.
You need to give LTE eARFCN instead of 3G/2G in redirection object class.

LTE to LTE RSRQ handovers we can give for cell level, no?

Yes, HO are at cell level.

I will try RSRQ based.
Should I do intra and inter both?
Or only inter?
As all is QPSK traffic.

Please go for inter. (I’m considering scenario from TDD to FDD)