Improve Poor Ec/Io where RSCP is good in 3G

Dear 3G Expert,
I want to know about Basic Tips to improve Poor Ec/Io as i have good RSCP but Weak Ec/Io?
Is it Called Pilot Polution/Interference?

If you have TEMs discovery you can export PP against each serving SC.

Or if there is specific area check logs and see if there is more then 3 server having good RSCp cause PP and leads to pp also Sib7 message to check ul interference.


There are Active Set in 3 cells also have multiple Monitored Cell and Detected cell, which one them impacted by Active Set.

Via down tilting you can verify if it is pilot polluters or not.

Secondly you can reduce CPICH power.

Normally CPICH power is set 10 % of total total transmit power, but in case of pilot pollution we can reduce it to mitigate it effects.

In Huawei for 2 carriers, we set it 330 and 430 normally and can be adjusted too.

Also, check RTWP as it also impacted EcNo in good RSCP places because of external interference.

And also this can help:

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