Improve initial e-rab establishment success rate

Hi dear, I have initial e-rab establishment success rate in Lte 700 mhz E/// 17q3 (95%), I checked in one book that this kpi is for license and capacity issue, is possible that anybody can help with this issue?

If you are getting failures for connected users license then it can be one of the reasons for it.
Which baseband you are using, in case is it BB 5212 and above then by default you have license of 65535 users and it won’t be a constraint.

The second major KPI for LTE is the LTE ERAB Success Rate which is also part of the accessibility. After the UE has completed the RRC Connection, it needs to get a Bearer assigned to it to initiate services. The bearer can be default (usually Data QCI9) or dedicated (VoLTE QCI1). During initial access, the default bearer is added and that constitutes the major portion of the total ERABs.

Here you can find a great article explaining it: