Improve CSFB preparation success Rate

Hi Experts,
Any way to improve CSFB preparation success Rate?
Huawei vendor

I tried csfbflowfirst switch and idlecsfbredirectoptswitch which improves CSFB preparation success rate.

But still It’s just below target by 0.5%.
No top cells causing much failures or contributing high

Did you configure csfb to 2g or only 3g?

LTE to 3G, blind redirection.

Configure also 2g as may be there is % of UEs not supporting 3g or 3g UEs not supporting current band.

Is it ok if we open both switches on all network?
Because we open them only on worst cells or specific cases.

And don’t forget the priority to high 32 I think.

Yes it will improve CSFB preparation rate much.

Yes it will improve CSFB preparation rate much.

You just send RRC connection release and no way to check from radio KPIs if that UE succesfully completed call on 2G/3G.
This KPI just show how many UEs successfuly received RRC Connection release with CSFB indicator.

I am not interested in execution phase, where rrc redirection msg is sent. It’s already good.
And yes in LTE we can only monitor from csfb preparation req to rrc redirection msg.
That’s it.

Did you find any parameter or features to improve CSFB?

Activating 3g paging for cases that SGpaging fails will improve csfb.

Thanks , 3g paging activated on lte node or in Rnc ? What is command ?

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