Important questions on Traffic Flow in Transport domain

  1. What’s CE?

    CE is customer edge, it’s the network device located at customer site.

    It should have at least 1 connection towards provider edge device.

  2. What’s PE?

    PE is provider edge, it’s the interfaces between clients and service provider network.

    It should have at least 1 interface outside the provider network.

  3. What’s P?

    P is provider core device, it’s the router or network device that has all interfaces inside the service provider network.

  4. What’s UNI?

    UNI is user to network interface.

    It’s the demarcation points between subscriber and service provider, it can be the connection between CE and PE.

  5. What’s NNI

    NNI is network to network interface.

    It’s the connection between 2 service providers.

    It’s should be between 2 PE devices.

  6. What’s the ELINE

    It’s the point to point Ethernet service.

  7. What’s ELAN?

It’s the multipoint to multipoint Ethernet service.

  1. What’s E- Tree?

    It’s Ethernet point to multi point services where the root node can communicate with all leafs, but leafs can’t communicate with each other.

  2. What’s the Pesudo wire?

    It’s a virtual connecycan be created to transport any kind of legacy technology traffic like TDM in to packet networks.

  3. What’s the trail?

It’s a logical transmission line created virtually be software configuration to transport the traffic inside optical system.

Trail can be ODU, OTU, OMS, OTS, client.

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