Impacts of PA and PB value settings

Hi Experts.

What is pros & cons of below setting PA and PB value?

What if value PA = 3 0r 2 get good throuput in field?

Or its impact on Coverage?

RS and PA are indirectly proportional to each other.

Let’s suppose in case if you want to increase your foot print, so you need to increase RS power and ultimately throughput is impacted if your RRU is 100% utilized.

Secondly If you have room to increase PA without changing RS power it means your RRU is under utilized and can be fully utilized.

One other foremost factor is the RRU type means GUL ,LO or GL , must need to check because cell may be down in case of wrong value configured .

Note: only four subset i.e. (PA, PB) has maximum PDSCH power utilization, these are (0,0) , (-3,1),(-4.77,2) and (-6,3).


But RS power is depend upon PA / PB values, right?

I want to explore setting of Pa = 3 and Pb = 0 Rs → 15.2.

Can we get good throughput on this?

PA 3 or -3 ?

PA = 3.

Positve value.