Impact on User experience due to HO measurements

Hello Experts.

Has anyone been to a trial / study on how significant is the impact on User experience due to HO measurements?

Intra / inter frequency, as inter RAT will be obvious.

  • Assumption : Carriers having same BW and Cell type : (FDD/TDD)
  • Tech : 5G and LTE
  • User type : FWA /Mobile

Do you mean because of measurement gap?

Or what do you mean?

If you are talking for 5G B1 measurement impact on 4G, yes there is huge impact.

Even there is some features to limit the times the 4G mobile will attempt to measure the NR in order to reduce the impact of B1 measure on LTE performance.

Yes, due to measurements gaps.

Except inter RAT measurements.

New phones support 5G B1 reporting without measurement gap for a long time btw.

Can you please share some UE models with this specificity?

I refer 5G SA non gap assisted B1.

In ENDC there is no UE I think.

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I was referring to only measurement being processed within GAP period , what sort of impact it can have on user experience . Any studies or reference can someone share please .
Scenario :
Lets say user(5G SA /LTE) on a cell edge hopping on a two cells , both cells serving with good radio conditions and enough capacity.