Impact of using same frequency on different RATs?

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I’ve been always wondering about using the same frequency band on the different Radio Access Technologies (RATs), namely in terms of user experience (i.e. coverage, quality… etc).

For instance, let’s say we’re using 1800 for both 2G & 4G. Should Rx Levels and RSRP be at same levels?


Generally, for each frequency carrier, if the bandwidth and service quality are same, the RARP should be similar(assuming RAT is quite optimal itself), maybe a slight different with different modulation code scheme for different RATs. --which is directly related to the capability of each RAT’s coverage and spectrum efficiency.

For 5G, DSS (dynamic spectrum sharing) technology is used to share the same carrier frequency with 4G LTE. It will not affect 4G LTE performance since it applied 5G when 4G LTE is free, thus maximize the overall system(multi-RATs) throughput/capacity.

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So we can say that with using the same modulation scheme and bandwidth (while keeping other corresponding parameters the same as well), I would end up with similats levels of Rx Levels and RSRP in DCS1800 and L1800 (in the same location, i.e., I switch between 2G and 4G while being at the same place).

Yes, I think so.

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Thank you!