Impact of PUSCH power on SINR in the DT field

Hello Experts,
Could you please explain the impact of PUSCH power on SINR in the DT field?

Hope you’re aware about Closed-loop power control.

PUSCH have 2 methods of power control, closed loop and open loop.

It’s the ability of the UE to adjust the uplink transmit power in accordance with the closed-loop correction values, which is also known as transmit power control (TPC) commands.

The TPC commands transmitted by the eNB toward the UE are based on the closed-loop SINR target and the measured /received SINR.

In an LTE closed-loop power control system, the uplink receiver at the eNB estimates the SINR of the received signal and compares it with the desired SINR target value. If the received SINR is below the SINR target, a TPC command istransmitted to the UE to request for an increase in the transmitter power. Otherwise, the TPC command will request for a decrease in transmitter power.