If we decrease PRB count will Power Radiate by RU willl be same?

Hey Folks, one issue I have that I’m observing.

Radio Unit (RU) at 100MHz b/w with FR1 radiated 24 dBm RF output power with full PRB273.

But my question is: if we decrease PRB count say 100 PRB we configuring so will Power Radiate by RU willl be same (24 dBm) or will change?

Same power of 24 dBm.

Note: Total input power is divided all PRBs so I was expecting your question about input power.
If it’s related to output in by decreasing PRB output power per PRB increase and it will reflect in footprint also.

Transmit power is RRU capability nothing to do with PRB.

If you will decrease PRB in carrier then power per PRB will increase that resulted into cell footprint (increase).