If UE receives NACK for 32 consecutive times will it declare RLC Max retransmission?

Hi Experts, one query.

If the UE receives NACK for 32 consecutive times then also it will declare RLC Max retransmission right?

Other than not receiving STATUS PDU for the transmitted (or retransmitted) PDU?

Yes, it will.

Check parameter maxretxthrrshold ul/dl value defined at RLC level for SRB and DRB.

I think his query was 32 count is including any Status PDU also?

If not wrong…

32 is defined in rlc max retx from RRC.

Usually, if no status pdu received for max 32 times, UE declares rlc max retx, my query was if UE will declare rlc max retx if it received status pdu but all nack for 32 times also?

And I think the answer is yes.