If cell is DSS 4G/5G SA and UE 4G & 5G SA not supporting DSS, can UE access LTE & NR cells?

Hi Experts.

If cell is DSS 4G/5G SA, UE 4G & 5G SA not supporting DSS can it access LTE & NR cells?

Yes, separately it can access.

Not together.

But do we have NR SA deployed as DSS?

I think that:

  • DSS is to fast deploy 5G based on existing 4G spectrum.
  • The control channels, signals of 4G, 5G are separate, UE can decode.
  • UE is unknown of DSS or not.
  • 4G UE can search and attach DSS cell as crs always on. UE support DSS mean it support LTE crs rate matching.
  • If UE not support CRS rate matching, eNB will schedule PRB not containing 5G channels. 4G UE not support DSS still can attach and DL in 4G DSS cell but lower throughput.
  • But if 5G UE not support LTE CRS matching, in every PRB has CRS signal, 5G UE can not decode PRB data, so I think this 5G UE can not attach DSS cell. But this is not high risk as 5G deployed new.

Yes, there is