IE in "update pdp context request" with the reason of the update of the tunnel

Hi Guys,
Do you know which information element in “update pdp context request” is telling us the reason of the update of the tunnel? (QoS, sgsn change, etc)
There are lots of update pdp context request, but by checking the signalling no means to understand it.
I want to know it for 3G.

MS is sending pdp request with apn to SGSN.
In downlink traffic GGSN send request to SGSN for PDP.

It is done because of Qos change, sgsn change, tft change or during ra.
But how to understand which one is the case from signalling content?
This is the question.

Do you have SGSN in pool or QoS or different APNs?

Yes we have.

You can check from Emil traces if u are using Nokia, there are many IEs.
Get the high percentage of IEs.

If using Huawei there is tool (forget its name) will give u major reason, Ra, APN modification, QoS profiling.

This one sounds good, appreciates if you can find the name.

Name is FMA. :slight_smile:

If none of these tools, use the counters, like Ra update vs pdp request.