Idle / Connected mode parameters for 3 bands

Hello Experts.

I need a scenario for idle mode and connecting mode in case I have 3 bands (1800 , 2100 & 900).

What is the good values, in idle mode, for:

  • Snonintrasearsh
  • ThresholdXlow
  • ThresholdXhigh
  • Qrxlevmin

What is the good values for B1?

Highest priority is

  • 1st 1800
  • 2nd 2100
  • 3rd L900

Any suggestions?

You need to start first with celreselection priority.

Highest priority is:

  • 1st 1800
  • 2nd 2100
  • 3rd L900

1800 7th
2100 6th
900 5th

This video will help you set the parameters: Design A Good Mobility Strategy: Idle Mode & Cell Reselection Optimization - YouTube

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Isn’t this entire design for mobility? :slightly_smiling_face:
Kind of big ask but I am sure someone will have this information readily available.