Identify TDD DL-UL Configuration from log

Can any one help me to understand which TDD pattern used from below data:-

referenceSubcarrierSpacing kHz30,
dl-UL-TransmissionPeriodicity ms0p5,
nrofDownlinkSlots 3,
nrofDownlinkSymbols 6,
nrofUplinkSlots 2,
nrofUplinkSymbols 4,
dl-UL-TransmissionPeriodicity-v1530 ms3
dl-UL-TransmissionPeriodicity ms2,
nrofDownlinkSlots 4,
nrofDownlinkSymbols 0,
nrofUplinkSlots 0,
nrofUplinkSymbols 0

Thank you in advance.

and the S = 6D:4G:4U

Thank you so much for the quick response.

2ms+0.5ms= 5ms= 10slot? Does my understanding is correct ?
3DL+2UL+4DL and used 1S so total 10slot?

dl-UL-TransmissionPeriodicity-v1530 overwrites dl-UL-TransmissionPeriodicity so pattern 1 is 3ms i.e. 6 slots DDDSUU
pattern 2 is 2md i.e. 4 slots DDDD

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Thank you for response