Identify LTE radio vendor via messages

Hello Experts,

Here’s an easy way to identify which vendor is for radio for LTE:


What app is it?

Network Signal Guru.
Works on mobile but needs root and it is not free.
But very good app.

You may also want to check this link: Mobile Network Information Software/App

Is this confirmed?
Which message is this?
And is this universally like this or varies by any chance from country to country?
Based on any implementation strategy.

These parameters are possible to be changed, so I would proceed with care when using this as the absolute truth.

Is this SIB2? Since Timers and Constants are there?

Yes it is SIB2 in LTE.

I’ve got this in RRC connection reconfig msg:


There too since those are settings for PUCCH.
But also in SIB2.

So are these specific to Vendors as you said this can be used for identification?

Yes indeed.
You can identify the vendor based only on UE logs.

Is this universally applicable, say if I hardcode these for benchmarking purpose to identify the Vendors for each operators?
Is by any chance 2 vendors use the same setting, say Nokia and Ericsson for TMOBILE in same market?

Yes it is.
I don’t think somebody would change those settings.

Any 3gpp reference to concrete the statement?

No there isn’t any 3gpp reference.
Those are vendor settings.