Ideal value for RRC Connected Users LTE license

Hello Experts.
Is there any ideal value for RRC Connected Users LTE license such as the quality of service guaranteed?
The thing is, I have a site with E-RAB No Radio Resources failures due to the lack of RRC Connected Users license.

Why don’t you increase the license according to the max per hour?

Thanks @AhmedKenzy.
Yes, I see what you mean but I wanted to know if there is a value of which the quality of service is “guaranteed”.
For instance, in my scenario I have two LTE carriers with (20MHz+10MHz), RRC Connected Users license is 225.
Currently, DL PRB>80%, is it worth it to expand the license or another expansion solution should be considered (e.g. adding another carrier).

In your situation you should do both in order no to lose this potential revenue

Increase the RRC license to admit those extra users and check for suitable solution for the PRB usage
Load balancing, split sector, adding carriers or whatever according to your situation