Hunter Password

Hello Friends.

While we don’t have a better way to share code, i am publishing it here (Hunter Pro - Private Section of the Forum).

ALL Hunter Modules published here has the following password:


Of course it can change, and when (we) develop new modules, In those cases, I’ll update the password here.


Sorry Sir it gives an Error message
Run time error '-214024894 (80070002)
Method “Run” of object 'IWshShell3" failed. Sorry for bothering you again and again.


Maybe you’re missing this part:
Important: to be able to process (parse) Ericsson 3G XML or 4G Ericsson XML, you need to download an auxiliary (free) program that converts UNIX to DOS.”

I already downloaded todos.exe and kept it in the folder where your Macro tool is kept.


Can you remove the password protection, try to run and print exaclty the part where the error is happening?
VBE print (with yellow highlight)

errorCode = wsh.Run(strtodosFilePath & " " & strFileName, windowStyle, waitOnReturn)

This seems more a programming issue.
We’ll create some topic soon.

It is happening because (probably) the strtodosFilePath variable is empty/incorrect. Same can be to strtodosFilePath

I will PM you, so we don’t keep discussing programming here, ok?

Ok Sir,

I will try your other modules as well. Actually I was assigned to lower the manning hour from my Supervisor by using tools.

Thank you

I have the same issue “Run time error '-214024894 (80070002)Method “Run” of object 'IWshShell3” failed", can somebody post a solution?

Dear Admin,

I have tried to paste the given password after clicking the R button in the tool. However, it is not accepting the password and giving a message “Invalid Hunter Key”.

You don’t need password in this case (Mapbasic Tool).

You can read and change the code (MB), including you can remove the password.

Hi. It says “invalid password”.
Pls share the password for excel VBA. Thanks…