Hunter 021 - New Forum


Hello The tutorial today is slightly different from those you have been following. It is time we present in our news portal.

So today we’ll learn a new feature available on our website: The Forums!


Unlike previous tutorials, where we always learn concepts, tips and new applications, today we will stick to the new functionality of the boards are already available. As an example, let’s create a first topic, and demonstrate how to use the forums.

But what this has to do with Hunter tool, or with my learning? A lot, you’ll see, but we need to make some comments.

A short pause for reflection

Before we continue, we would do this little ‘break’. You’ve come this far, our twentieth tutorial. How has your learning

Our concern has several aspects. The main one is whether the learning is effective. Many people sometimes end up leaving to learn or improve at once. We know that many are the reasons that can lead to this, mainly because our environment is quite dynamic and often requires our total commitment. Result: no time for anything, let alone keep learning new things.

Not to mention also the first non-professional, especially in our family. No doubt, this should be the highest priority. And then, what to do

It’s complicated, really. But there are certain decisions that must be taken that may bear fruit in the future. And this requires first of all will power and perseverance. Not easy, but believe me, there is no other way.

Virtually all of us here are engineers Telecom and / or IT. And what makes a professional stand out, become a reference? His skills that others lack. A few are born with this gift are true geniuses and can do everything myself, are self-taught, the great majority, however, is level, and often the causes of this is simply because they leave their safe place. Squander opportunities for growth, skills that can make the difference between success or the same as always.

If you wish to achieve a higher level of excellence in your career, we invite you to share more of this great opportunity that we are providing. Yes, we talk about it without being afraid of being arrogant or something.

There was never a project like this that some experienced engineers have had to face. Empower thousands of people in a way never done before.

Here lies an observation: Do not think the motivator of the project is the financial part. Do the math: we are a team that almost for fun, devotes hours and hours of our nights and weekends preparing material so as to be easily assimilated by all. You can be sure - all members of our team have secured jobs, are handpicked by large multinational companies. And the salary? Much more than you could ‘win’ with a website, do not you think?

Well, our greatest motivation is the satisfaction of becoming a reference in the field of telecom and IT. And that is why we have prepared for you the best materials, the best tips, and we are always looking to innovate, such as now launched a forum on telecomHall (soon we’ll talk about that).

With 20 tutorials published, and an average of 10 A4 pages per tutorial, you have over 300 full pages to their improvement. Not to mention all the tips, many of them that nobody goes, just keep to themselves. But we share. And we will always remain so. Only up to you to make the decision.

To end this ‘pause for reflection’, know that we are not wanting you to become a subscriber. Only we’d like you to participate more, posting questions and suggestions in cometary and now the newly created forum. For example if you want more detailed explanations are in some part, what topic should be the subject of the next tutorials, etc…

Well, here is our invitation. Again, the decision is yours. For a professional achieve their excellence should not only seek knowledge in your technology area, but all others as tools and workarounds. And that is what we want you to learn. Participate, criticize, suggest. Why not help us to disclose.

Thanks to all who have followed, and go ahead

Get to the point

Well, as we said in today’s tutorial we will show the recently launched forum.

First of all, you know what a forum? In Internet forums can be understood as places of discussion for several subjects. In our case, matters of telecommunications, IT and Programming. Many people find it complicated, perhaps for that reason do not participate. But when you start participating, you realize how valuable you may well find help

The forums are similar to mailing lists via e-mail. Discussion lists via e-mail are usually supported by big companies like Google - Googlegroups - or Yahoo - YahooGroups. Note: telecomHall have such thread, or groups, and you can subscribe for free to any one of them by clicking here. The mailing lists are hosted telecomHall on Yahoo!, But you need not have a Yahoo ID! To participate.

There are differences between our Mailing Lists (Discussion Groups) and forums. And these differences can be understood as advantages and disadvantages.

In mailing lists, you simply send a question to the group, and everyone gets the point. The responses also arrive via email. Somehow we consider the groups of emails as fast or more affordable.

However, its disadvantage is the biggest advantage of the forums: how all messages are stored when a member accesses a topic for the first time already have access to all discussions that occurred. Although mailing lists like Yahoo! And Google have similar feature - search - require an ID and do not organize the issues by topic, or all messages, whatever the subject, are stored in the same place . The solution would be to create mailing lists for each topic, but then begins to further complicate the gereneciamento and information search.

Since forums store the messages, participants who access a topic for the first time can more easily follow the discussion thus avoiding duplication and making more efficient resumed the subject, making a thread with pauses, as if uninterrupted.

There are some classifications and characteristics of this type or Community Board. For example, when you insert a new question or information you post a topic. You can ‘Subscribe’ Forum, which means that you will receive in your e-mail notifications of messages that reach that particular subject. The categories represent the grouping of subjects, for example there may be a Category Jobs, another Technical Questions, etc. …

But the best practice is even participating. So let’s see how it works.

First, of course, go to the forum page in your language of preference. In this example we will use the images on the forum in English.

As an example, let’s ask for example what is the parameter TA in GSM.

We try to post our questions on the most appropriate place. As we are asking about a parameter, the natural place is the category parameters. Thus, clicking the category parameters (1).

Note: Currently, we are building the list of categories, and for that we have a contribution. The category ‘Parameters’ is quite common, and incorporates large amounts of information. Make your suggestions for new categories in Category Free Questions and Comments General - who is also the place for you to post your question when you do not find a more suitable category.

the new screen, click the ‘new topic’ (1).

Then comes the text editor where you can enter the Subject (1) of your question, and the Message Body (2), where you can give details of your question .

To conclude, and post your message, click on Post (3). Also note that you can select the option to sign answers to this question (4) and sign the answers to all posts of this forum (in this case, Parameters). If you want to be notified via email check one or both options, according to his will.

NOTE: In a little talk about how you can manage these subscriptions.

Pronto, its message was posted successfully

Click the link parameters of the category to see the statistics for that category. Note that now the category parameters shows the number of visits (1) answers (2), the time of posting (3).

To answer a question, simply click the ‘response’ (1).

the new screen, enter your answer and click the ‘Post’. Note that you have the same options to choose monitor (sign) this topic (answers to this question) or that category (newly created threads).


Let’s talk about what it means to ‘subscribe’ a Forum.

Every time you respond or post a new message has the option to keep up with new answers. But if you no longer wish to receive any more? It’s quite simple.

When you receive a message from the forum, you have a link to see the answer (1) - although she although she has come in the body of the email, and also receives the links (2) to make the proper cancellation notification of new replies or new topics of the forum.

other words, you have total control of the messages you want to receive, and when you wish to receive

Note: You can also manage your notifications via the website. For this in the main Forum page, click the Edit link Email Subscriptions (1). In this type of notification you will receive an email whenever a new topic is created.

Also, clicking on the icon of a pencil (1) next to each of your messages, you can manage your notifications. You can even edit your messages already posted, or even delete them

Ok, this was a brief explanation of how to use the forums site telecomhall. But the best way to learn is participating. So do not waste more time, and participate. Post your questions, or perform searches across the board.


this tutorial know the new functionality available at telecomhall: forums Telecommunications, IT and Programming.

This is part of the project telecomHall that combines not only the development of tools and solutions, but also learning, mutually contributing to our growth and evolution, in pursuit of excellence in our work.

Again I invite you to participate. Post your question, do your critique, or simply go to say hello to everyone.

We hope you’ve enjoyed. If you have any doubts, find the answers posting your comments in the blog or via our support via chat or email.

Till our next meeting, and remember: Your success is our success!


Download Source Code: NA for this tutorial.